Tuesday, August 12, 2014

US Navy's first Submarine

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the death of John Philip Holland, inventor of the US Navy's first submarine. Designed and built by the Irish immigrant, the submarine was named USS Holland

In May of last year we were approached by a client in Denver Colorado, to photograph the name plate of this submarine which is stored at the National Museum of the U. S. Navy at the Navy Yards in Washington DC. The name plate is all that remains of the USS Holland submarine and our client wanted to create an exact replica of the plate.

US Holland circa 1900 - name plate is visible at stern of craft.

After receiving permission from the National Museum of the Navy, the nameplate was photographed in September. To recreate an exact copy of the name plate, we had to photograph it from many different angles - our client provided the following diagram to assist in the shoot. All of these angles allowed the client to see every part (including holes, scratches, indents and rises) on the plate.

Once the images were captured our client was able to produce a computer 3D model of the plate using image alinement software - see below.

Using the 3D model a temporary prototype of the plate was created. This prototype was used to create a mold in which the final bronzed replica of the name plate was cast.

Final bronzed replica of the USS Holland name plate.
We are very grateful to our client for allowing us to participate in his endeavor.

Tom Brokaw and Gary Sinies honored at by the Easter Seals

Recently we were chosen by the Easter Seals association to photograph their Advocacy Awards ceremony for the Washington, DC; Maryland, and Virginia areas honoring veteran journalist Tom Brokaw and actor Gary Sinise, for their work helping veterans.

TV anchor man, Tom Brokaw, addressing the Easter Seal Advocacy Awards dinner in Washington DC

Brokaw was honored for his work advocating for our military and veterans through his journalistic endeavors. He gave an impassioned speech about how society is becoming disassociated from our military and we need to get reconnected.

Actor and advocate, Gary Sinise, addressing the Easter Seal Advocacy Awards dinner in Washington DC

 Sinise was honored for his work with veterans through his Gary Sinise Foundation and his co-founded Operations International Children. Sinise quoted Winston Churchill about doing his “bit to help.” He shared how during WWII the elderly would knit socks for the soldiers fighting, as everyone was doing their bit to help. 
Gary Sinise receiving his award from Iraq combat veteran and Congresswoman, Tammy Duckworth (D) Illinois

Monday, August 11, 2014

Our New Mobile Website

After much planning and design we have finally entered the mobile ready world:) With over 60% of web searches now originating on mobile devices, we felt it was time to join the ranks of the mobile friendly:)  To check out our new mobile site please use your smart phone or tablet to view it here and let us know what you think by sending a comment from our Contact Us page on the site. We look forward to hearing from you. Our full website continues to be available for those using desktop computers and those mobile users that require additional information - our mobile site contains a link to the the full website.

DC photographer, Avonlee Photography Studio, Bethesda wedding photographer, mobile website
Avonlee Photography Mobile Website

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wedding at Marie Gabrielle Restaurant in Dallas, Texas

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Lisa and Chris' wedding at the beautiful Marie Gabrielle Restaurant in Dallas, Texas. The beautiful gardens provided many opportunities for great images and the setting hides the fact that the restaurant is located in the middle of downtown with skyscrapers on either side. I hope you enjoy this selection of images.

Avonlee Photography 301-946-4656, Marie Gabrielle Restaurant, Dallas, Texas

Avonlee Photography 301-946-4656, Marie Gabrielle Restaurant, Dallas, Texas
Avonlee Photography 301-946-4656, Marie Gabrielle Restaurant, Dallas, Texas

Avonlee Photography 301-946-4656, Marie Gabrielle Restaurant, Dallas, Texas

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Photo Competition - Winter 2014

New Photo Contest!

Dust off your camera / smart phone and view your holiday photographs. We are looking for your best holiday photograph. The image can be of anything (people, places, things, pets, etc.) as long as the holidays are depicted in some way or other in the photo. The following ideas may help you:

  • Festive decorations, trees, lights, etc.
  • Kids unwrapping presents
  • Mistletoe kiss?
  • Mealtime treats, family shots

Deadline for receipt of entries is January 31st at 7:45pm. Please email your images to us at


  1. You may enter up to four images.
  2. Please make sure your name and telephone number are with each image that you enter.
  3. One winning image will be selected by Avonlee Photography.
  4. Winning image will appear in a future Avonlee Photography Newsletter along with a photo credit for the winner.
  5. Winner receives a family portrait session plus an 11x14 wall mounted portrait - value $500. See samples of our family portraiture at http://avonleephotography.com/html/families.html
  6. Winning prize has a zero cash value and may not be traded in against other products or services.

  *** Deadline for Receipt of entries is January 31st at 7:45pm ***

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday Cards from Avonlee Photography

You still have time to order holiday cards from Avonlee Photography. Please view samples of cards and download order forms on our website at http://www.avonleephotography.com/html/holiday_cards.html 

Deadline for orders is December 13th. Call the studio at 301-946-4656 for more details..

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

MANNA Food Drive to Feed hungry in our area

This Saturday please help us support the local MANNA food bank with a donation of food in exchange for a professional portrait of you and your family. Details to be found at