Friday, March 19, 2010

Receiving Lines - do you really need one?

Is it absolutely necessary to have a receiving line?
I always hate having to wait through them when I attend a wedding reception. Isn’t there a better way? A receiving line is usually in order for a very formal wedding; otherwise, there are several more relaxed alternatives. One very nice custom is to have the bride and groom, as well as the other members of the wedding party, “float” around the reception, speaking to each cluster of guests. Another custom, rather new but quite enjoyable and comfortable for the guests, is to have the guests remain seated in the church or synagogue until they are personally greeted and dismissed by the bride and groom themselves. This could be called the “lazy man’s receiving line” because the guests remain seated until it’s time for their row to stand and file past the bride and groom, hugging, kissing and wishing them well as they exit their pews.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Disposable Cameras - Are They Worth It?

This question keeps popping up on both bride's internet sites and in my meetings with prospective clients. Will these cameras give you worthwhile quality photographs? Let's think about who will actually use the cameras - most likely either kids or somewhat inebriated guests are the ones drawn to them. As a rule neither of these groups make good photographers.

Lets look at the true cost of these cameras: 
Each disposable camera will cost you about $6.
Let's say you have 15 tables at your reception.
Total cost of cameras:  6x15 = $90

After the event or wedding each of these cameras will have to be processed and printed. The average cost of processing and printing each camera is $8.
Total cost of processing:  8x15 = $120

Your total cost for purchasing and processing 15 cameras is therefore $90 + $120 = $210

This may not seem like a lot of money, but think about this for a moment. What kind of a quality image do you expect to get from a $6 camera, made of plastic with a plastic lens and a flash that has a range of about 5 feet? The answer is NOT GREAT! You will be very fortunate to get 3 good photographs from these 15 cameras - which, if you break the cost down, works out to $70 per photograph!

My advice - DO NOT WASTE your money on these cameras. Your professional photographer uses equipment valued at thousands of dollars to capture you looking your best and will certainly do a far better job than these disposable cameras.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Maryland Wedding Album Photographer of the Year 2009

Michael Dunphy receiving his award for
2009 Maryland Wedding Album Photographer of the Year
from Nizam Mohamed, Print Competition Chair
for the Maryland Professional Photographers Association

Hi Everyone,
What a week! This past Wednesday I was awarded the Maryland Wedding Album Photographer of the Year Award for 2009 from the Maryland Professional Photographers Association. This is my third year in a row to receive this award. I want to thank all my great couples for allowing me to enter their albums in the competitions held throughout the year. As always I am indebted to my great clients for allowing me to record their most important moments.

Best wishes,