Friday, March 19, 2010

Receiving Lines - do you really need one?

Is it absolutely necessary to have a receiving line?
I always hate having to wait through them when I attend a wedding reception. Isn’t there a better way? A receiving line is usually in order for a very formal wedding; otherwise, there are several more relaxed alternatives. One very nice custom is to have the bride and groom, as well as the other members of the wedding party, “float” around the reception, speaking to each cluster of guests. Another custom, rather new but quite enjoyable and comfortable for the guests, is to have the guests remain seated in the church or synagogue until they are personally greeted and dismissed by the bride and groom themselves. This could be called the “lazy man’s receiving line” because the guests remain seated until it’s time for their row to stand and file past the bride and groom, hugging, kissing and wishing them well as they exit their pews.


Anonymous said...

From a photographer's viewpoint, does one or another way make for any better photos?

Michael Dunphy said...

Personally, I prefer following the bride and groom around the reception room. There, guests will be relaxed and in party mood, resulting in fun photographs and groupings.