Friday, December 2, 2016

Portrait of Kensington Conservator

Working Men Portrait Series

Joe Grenon - Awesome Metals, Kensington, Maryland

This portrait of Joe Grenon, is part of our 'Working Men' series and was taken at Awesome Metals located on Howard Avenue, Kensington, Maryland. Joe has been the owner of Awesome Metals since August of 2003.

From an early age Joe was interested in antiques. His daily work involves the repair, restoration and conservation of metal objects that need help. When asked if he had ever done any other kind of work he replied " I've been involved in restoration for 35 years, I don't remember much before that"

Joe was a wonderful subject to work with. He too has a background in photography and understood the process of creating the images. We recently spent just 20 minutes creating a series of images in his studio in Kensington.

The images we capture in the Working Man series are of individuals that primarily work with their hands. We are not necessarily looking for happy smiling images but instead are hoping to catch that off guarded moment when a subject grants us access to their inner self. Here is my favorite from our session:

Joe Grenon - Awesome Metals, Kensington, Maryland

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